Nü-Yeer Rawr

"Imagine how it would be
To be at the top
Making cash money
Go and tour all
around the world
Tell stories about
all the young girls"

Green with Envy

In a beautiful prison, wishing she did not know what "prison" meant, a girl sought to escape her happy ignorance. If only she knew better, thought her captors as they watched her flee through the diamond wall and into the Garden of Mirrors. Reality had lied to her there was no such thing as "freedom" only the contentment of a mere copy of its concept.


"This process of becoming something else would render many of our abstract philosophical puzzles suddenly concrete. Is being "human" strictly biological-just an evolutionary status as a member of the species Homo sapiens?"

That quote was from a GQ article following the Spring 2010 style preview. I felt like I had found something that understood me. Haha

Sometimes, I'm okay

Sometimes, I still pretend.


"In a haze, a stormy haze (...)
Here I am and I'll wait in line always, always..."

Un aperçu 2

drink a water bottle. my throat is dry.

Un aperçu

du projet de portfolio que j'ai à faire dans mon cours de dessin. Thème de la plupart de ces dessins: les gens sur l'autobus. Dessins qui prennent au maximum 20 minutes. Ici, un collage de plusieurs esquisses.

I found truth...

in a room with no corners.



I lost control again. Time management skills: zero. Self-discipline: dead in a back alley. Todestrieb: off the charts. Blocking out unnecessary reflexions: dire necessity.

Current state: unfair expectations for the future.
I am back on track.


Having my creative brain cells burned at school leaves me with small motivation to do personal stuff. This is nothing much, a quickie to fool around with the colors and the sketchy style I've been so fond of lately. This has a link with dragons somehow... He's a dragon lancer... yeah.


Cute Little Dead Things

And you'll ask yourself:
"Where is my mind?"

Le Ça

Todestrieb is my mortal enemy and childhood friend.

(Will be reworked into a working maze hopefully...)

The Clone Returns Home

"Untruth is valuable because it leads to truth."

(Bigger sized-image than usual.)


Mary was Japanese.

Did you forget...

...to take your meds.

(edit: smaller blank version and corrected the quote)

Stop the world...

...I want to get off.

(Guess the inspiration :D!)

Happiness is a state of mind that I try to visit from time to time

(inspired by Philip Lim's fall 2009 collection)

"I left a trail pills to find my broken heart in your lost mind."

Weeping rock, rock

God did not create Woman from Man's rib but rather Woman created Man from her bodily desires and Man created Woman from his inpure thoughts. God only witnessed to his horror as Man and Woman fled the perfection of the Void into the imperfection of existence.


Full View

This is Old

I've been getting deeply inspired by Sartre's writings lately aswell as current events happening in the world. I've been pondering on our condition and wondered how I could illustrate all these perspectives in a coherent way.


Actually, I've been reading fashion blogs, shopping online and watching Gossip Girl. À la porte, la sincérité et le symbolisme! Bonjour l'indifférence artistique et votre interprétation personnelle!


"Disaster is a natural part of my evolution," Tyler whispered, "toward tragedy and dissolution."

Primal God

Cervus is the primal god of life. Guardian of nature and protector of the living. He nurtures the creatures of the forest and is believed to bring prosperity and love to all those who follow his teachings. Although his true form is unclear to mortals some say he can take the form of a stag or a tree. Witnesses also recall a blinding halo around the stag or tree that blinded them before dissapearing completely.

According to ancient lore, Cervus has a twin brother, Heorot (not pictured). He is the deer god of deceit and suffering. He embodies all the sins of man and flourishes in the cruelty that human civilization exerces on his brother's creatures. It is said that the stag brothers share the same heart and are therefore bound to each other for eternity. They are often depicted strolling side by side in a forest.


Cervus is latin for deer and heorot is old english for stag. I just went wikipedia on your ass.

taste the rainbow

au minimal, qu'est-ce que tu voulais dire?!

feeling similar

"Are you tied to you? Like between you and me, victim and assailant... you and your boyfriend. Can you relate to yourself? Are you connected to yourself? Are you sought by yourself? When the rain dries, clouds form.
-When the rain dries, clouds form! When clouds moisten, rain forms!"

and crash

on ne bouge pas. on vibre.

take a leap

like a bauss! :S


fuck la stm. le transport en commun devrait être gratos. l'éducation aussi. et sans oublier le pain. et le beurre pour le pain. ainsi que le couteau à beurre. bref, fuck le gouvernement. fuck la religion. fuck la police. fuck la populace. ehhh attends...


He's a magician. He uses smoke magic. Preaching existentialism, he is one of the rogue mages defying the Church's iron grip on the population. He is known as Renoir and has lung disease. His life is going to end. He's going to act. BAM!

He sorta fights by blowing smoke at his opponent shaped by magic. For example, he can create a smoke shield to block incoming arrows or create a lion of smoke to attack his enemies. He's pure baddass and likes to quote Sartre.

No one knows the full extent of his smoke magic. Some say he can even turn his body in smoke and dissapear but that's just crazy ain't it?

l'excitation de l'indécision

on a comme l'impression qu'on peut faire le bon choix.

Jisatsu saakuru

"Are you tied to you? Like between you and me, victim and assailant... you and your boyfriend. Can you relate to yourself? Are you connected to yourself? Are you sought by yourself? When the rain dries, clouds form.
-When the rain dries, clouds form! When clouds moisten, rain forms!"

54 schoolgirls jump onto a train track

an idea. it'll get better. actually everything will get better soon:

I'll post some decent stuff SOON!

Oublie pas

I flipped through a book dedicated to YSL today so I felt like doing something close to fashion illustration.


J'ai vu quelque chose de beau. J'ai vécu quelque chose de laid.

Admit it!

So much... fitting text in a frame is unnecessary.


That girl with the stripped dress and short hair was so cute.

L'Agneau de Dieu dit:

This is the art of ruin.

Remember Me as a Time of Day

Painter X + Adjustments in Photoshop CS3 (30min)
Je stagne. Je cours. Je stagne. Et je cours toujours.

Something was supposed to happen

i lived. she appeared. i died. she dissapeared. i lived.

Fist of God

last night was stroboscopic :)

Esquisse d'une femme

Prémisse d'un souvenir

an oldie but a goodie x.x

Spoiled brats

of a corrupt aristocracy we are.
(did this at work then put it in my back pocket so it kinda got blurry :D)

Impossible Love

Okay so I got this super cool idea for a manga/anime/drama. It's the story of a girl that is really in love with another girl. She secretely loved this girl who happens to be very mean and conceited in some way (brown-haired). Yuki, the brown haired girl, comes from a rich family and always have good grades so she acts all superior and is very cold to everyone while they try to please her. Mui, the red haired girl, is a kind girl with a warm but confused heart. She is very shy. She somehow falls for Yuki after witnessing her cry. Although she never dare talk to Yuki during all junior high. After witnessing how the guys in her class easily flirt with Yuki even though she gives them no reaction. Mui desires to be able to act like a boy to be able to non chalantly have a conversation with a girl. In senior high, she enters the same school as Yuki but as a boy! She creates herself a whole new persona that kinda succeeds partly and ends up being herself but just disguised as a male. Her weird behavious somehow attracts Yuki's attention. And they somehow manage to develop a friendship that will continue love all while Yuki ignores that Mui is, in fact, a girl. In between that, Mui becomes friend with a gay classmate, Asano, who kinda guides her in her relationship with Yuki all the while harboring a secret love for this delicate "boy" he has befriended. While maintaining this male identity at school, Mui goes to cram school to keep up with the prestigious school (she followed Yuki so it was natural it was a good school) and meets Makoto a handsome guy who befriends her. They meet and talk and that enables Mui to open up to guys. Mui soon finds herself in a love crisis caused by her lies. Should she tell the truth and possibly face rejection or run away and never able to know true love again or should she fall for Makoto... OMFG *cry*

Novelty Substance

"The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."

Happiness Section

previously unreleased songs


Pride is linked to fear and determination.


"Baby, I've got some words for you. (...) You've got disaster on your mind."

Demon Prince

Sketch paint. Been a while I didn't do any concept art.