"Disaster is a natural part of my evolution," Tyler whispered, "toward tragedy and dissolution."

Primal God

Cervus is the primal god of life. Guardian of nature and protector of the living. He nurtures the creatures of the forest and is believed to bring prosperity and love to all those who follow his teachings. Although his true form is unclear to mortals some say he can take the form of a stag or a tree. Witnesses also recall a blinding halo around the stag or tree that blinded them before dissapearing completely.

According to ancient lore, Cervus has a twin brother, Heorot (not pictured). He is the deer god of deceit and suffering. He embodies all the sins of man and flourishes in the cruelty that human civilization exerces on his brother's creatures. It is said that the stag brothers share the same heart and are therefore bound to each other for eternity. They are often depicted strolling side by side in a forest.


Cervus is latin for deer and heorot is old english for stag. I just went wikipedia on your ass.

taste the rainbow

au minimal, qu'est-ce que tu voulais dire?!

feeling similar

"Are you tied to you? Like between you and me, victim and assailant... you and your boyfriend. Can you relate to yourself? Are you connected to yourself? Are you sought by yourself? When the rain dries, clouds form.
-When the rain dries, clouds form! When clouds moisten, rain forms!"