Nü-Yeer Rawr

"Imagine how it would be
To be at the top
Making cash money
Go and tour all
around the world
Tell stories about
all the young girls"

Green with Envy

In a beautiful prison, wishing she did not know what "prison" meant, a girl sought to escape her happy ignorance. If only she knew better, thought her captors as they watched her flee through the diamond wall and into the Garden of Mirrors. Reality had lied to her there was no such thing as "freedom" only the contentment of a mere copy of its concept.


"This process of becoming something else would render many of our abstract philosophical puzzles suddenly concrete. Is being "human" strictly biological-just an evolutionary status as a member of the species Homo sapiens?"

That quote was from a GQ article following the Spring 2010 style preview. I felt like I had found something that understood me. Haha

Sometimes, I'm okay

Sometimes, I still pretend.


"In a haze, a stormy haze (...)
Here I am and I'll wait in line always, always..."

Un aperçu 2

drink a water bottle. my throat is dry.

Un aperçu

du projet de portfolio que j'ai à faire dans mon cours de dessin. Thème de la plupart de ces dessins: les gens sur l'autobus. Dessins qui prennent au maximum 20 minutes. Ici, un collage de plusieurs esquisses.