I want to wear some Julius

It is simply another protective layer that hides the flesh that conceals the insides that hides the soul or the lack of one. This veneer of fabric becomes a continuation of our personae. It communicates an impression that can be false. Therefore, I attribute great importance to the worship of this accessory. One can hide underneath in broad daylight until one forgets what one is hiding in the first place.

Absurdity is currency
Logic a rarity
Reason a luxury
Reality a mythology

Jesus help my pokerface!

It's getting heavier. Harder to take off. Maybe this is what I wanted all along. Maybe there was nothing to take off. But what if there was? Then, what lies beneath? The yet-to-be found Truth or am I already it? Am I coming to terms with the Truth or settling for a lesser one?

... a covering to disguise or conceal the face

Smoke Signal

J'ai vécu mille en une vies dans ma tête.

Poison Dreams

Lie to me. Lie to me. Lie to me. Poison dreams.

Falling into character

Winter felt like she was not a season. She confessed that she thought she was merely the void in the Cycle of Seasons. All the intricacies and beauty of her arrival did not comfort her. For she remained frigid towards the other seasons, unable to bond with Spring, Summer and Autumn. Deep down, she wanted to fade away admist Time. The other seasons knew about this but did not care, according to them, it was but a fleeting state.