Stop the world...

...I want to get off.

(Guess the inspiration :D!)

Happiness is a state of mind that I try to visit from time to time

(inspired by Philip Lim's fall 2009 collection)

"I left a trail pills to find my broken heart in your lost mind."

Weeping rock, rock

God did not create Woman from Man's rib but rather Woman created Man from her bodily desires and Man created Woman from his inpure thoughts. God only witnessed to his horror as Man and Woman fled the perfection of the Void into the imperfection of existence.


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This is Old

I've been getting deeply inspired by Sartre's writings lately aswell as current events happening in the world. I've been pondering on our condition and wondered how I could illustrate all these perspectives in a coherent way.


Actually, I've been reading fashion blogs, shopping online and watching Gossip Girl. À la porte, la sincérité et le symbolisme! Bonjour l'indifférence artistique et votre interprétation personnelle!