and crash

on ne bouge pas. on vibre.

take a leap

like a bauss! :S


fuck la stm. le transport en commun devrait être gratos. l'éducation aussi. et sans oublier le pain. et le beurre pour le pain. ainsi que le couteau à beurre. bref, fuck le gouvernement. fuck la religion. fuck la police. fuck la populace. ehhh attends...


He's a magician. He uses smoke magic. Preaching existentialism, he is one of the rogue mages defying the Church's iron grip on the population. He is known as Renoir and has lung disease. His life is going to end. He's going to act. BAM!

He sorta fights by blowing smoke at his opponent shaped by magic. For example, he can create a smoke shield to block incoming arrows or create a lion of smoke to attack his enemies. He's pure baddass and likes to quote Sartre.

No one knows the full extent of his smoke magic. Some say he can even turn his body in smoke and dissapear but that's just crazy ain't it?

l'excitation de l'indécision

on a comme l'impression qu'on peut faire le bon choix.

Jisatsu saakuru

"Are you tied to you? Like between you and me, victim and assailant... you and your boyfriend. Can you relate to yourself? Are you connected to yourself? Are you sought by yourself? When the rain dries, clouds form.
-When the rain dries, clouds form! When clouds moisten, rain forms!"

54 schoolgirls jump onto a train track

an idea. it'll get better. actually everything will get better soon:

I'll post some decent stuff SOON!

Oublie pas

I flipped through a book dedicated to YSL today so I felt like doing something close to fashion illustration.


J'ai vu quelque chose de beau. J'ai vécu quelque chose de laid.

Admit it!

So much... fitting text in a frame is unnecessary.