That girl with the stripped dress and short hair was so cute.

L'Agneau de Dieu dit:

This is the art of ruin.

Remember Me as a Time of Day

Painter X + Adjustments in Photoshop CS3 (30min)
Je stagne. Je cours. Je stagne. Et je cours toujours.

Something was supposed to happen

i lived. she appeared. i died. she dissapeared. i lived.

Fist of God

last night was stroboscopic :)

Esquisse d'une femme

Prémisse d'un souvenir

an oldie but a goodie x.x

Spoiled brats

of a corrupt aristocracy we are.
(did this at work then put it in my back pocket so it kinda got blurry :D)

Impossible Love

Okay so I got this super cool idea for a manga/anime/drama. It's the story of a girl that is really in love with another girl. She secretely loved this girl who happens to be very mean and conceited in some way (brown-haired). Yuki, the brown haired girl, comes from a rich family and always have good grades so she acts all superior and is very cold to everyone while they try to please her. Mui, the red haired girl, is a kind girl with a warm but confused heart. She is very shy. She somehow falls for Yuki after witnessing her cry. Although she never dare talk to Yuki during all junior high. After witnessing how the guys in her class easily flirt with Yuki even though she gives them no reaction. Mui desires to be able to act like a boy to be able to non chalantly have a conversation with a girl. In senior high, she enters the same school as Yuki but as a boy! She creates herself a whole new persona that kinda succeeds partly and ends up being herself but just disguised as a male. Her weird behavious somehow attracts Yuki's attention. And they somehow manage to develop a friendship that will continue love all while Yuki ignores that Mui is, in fact, a girl. In between that, Mui becomes friend with a gay classmate, Asano, who kinda guides her in her relationship with Yuki all the while harboring a secret love for this delicate "boy" he has befriended. While maintaining this male identity at school, Mui goes to cram school to keep up with the prestigious school (she followed Yuki so it was natural it was a good school) and meets Makoto a handsome guy who befriends her. They meet and talk and that enables Mui to open up to guys. Mui soon finds herself in a love crisis caused by her lies. Should she tell the truth and possibly face rejection or run away and never able to know true love again or should she fall for Makoto... OMFG *cry*